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Learner Driver Podcast Show

Ep # 8 – How Do You Avoid Cows When Driving? Instructor Prank Call

admin January 3, 2021 149

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Hi and welcome to another show with Swan & Soto! On today’s show, Chris joins us as we plan to have a fun-filled show with pranks and jokes – you know, our daft way of having a giggle! Come on learning to drive should be fun!

Chris shares his learning to drive journey with all the gaps, how many hours he had and of course why he stopped learning to drive. Not being able to pass his theory test – Chris decided to start his lessons and finish the job with an intensive driving course with Rebecca Swan.

In today’s show we also Chris’s journey since passing his test…

What happens after you pass your driving test…

You buy a car! So we chat budgets, boss opinions and of course went looking for cars. Chris had a list of things to check when it comes to buying his first car. Chris went for a test drive – but Chris didn’t haggle the price of his first car. We will cover this in future shows. Stay tuned….

Does the car have a spare wheel? Chris didn’t know. So, we firstly do recommend checking to see if your car has a spare wheel. a jack and of course anything else that is relevant to buying a car, especially your first car.

What happens to your driving standards after you pass a driving test…

Chris believes his standard is a lot better now as he has some experience on the road. Chris explains how he sits quite close to the wheel as he as short arms. He can’t adjust the steering wheel column – yes, he didn’t check! Lol

Has Chris had a mear miss whilst driving? Chris straight-lined a roundabout and pulled out in front of another vehicle. No – he just didn’t look to the right of the roundabout. In his words – he nearly died! Have you had any accidents since you passed your driving test? Please share your stories with us! Please leave a comment below this video!

Chris can now get offers on pizzas because he can now go and collect his own pizza!

Learner Quiz – Swan’s Questions (by Soto)

Chris has to describe our words without saying the word:

  1. It’s on the floor, in the middle of three?
  2. A flash on the outside of the car.
  3. You pay money to get over it
  4. Looks like a plus sign with 4 exits
  5. You stop at them and they have red, green and yellow?
  6. Where you keep shopping in the boot?
  7. The thing you do to other people to get their attention
  8. The bits of wire in your rear windscreen

Learner Quiz – Soto’s Questions (by Swan)

  1. Form of driving course
  2. What you do for a job
  3. A road that you have to stop at
  4. The thing that happens when you drive over water on a road
  5. Someone who drives on the weekend slowly
  6. You go over it and pay
  7. In the middle of a motorway
  8. You use them to see around the car

Of course, Swan won! Chris did skip some of the challenging questions because he couldn’t answer them without saying the word. Have you ever seen a pegasus crossing? Let us know in the comments below!

Chris did a blinding go at describing the words without saying the words – well done Chris!

Learner Driver Prank On An ADI…

So, today Chris is keen to help Swan & Soto play his part in a prank phone call to Dave (the new driving instructor) we bumped into at Banbury driving test centre.

Dave asked (at the test centre) why do instructors do the royal wave? So, we will cover this in another podcast show.

The PLOT: Soto is Chris’ dad and Chris needs refresher lessons as he hit a cow on a country lane. Please listen as this was magic!

Do you do cow training? For insurance purposes? Bulls and mostly cows that shouldn’t be on the road? How to avoid cows on the road?

“The more unbelievable it is, the funnier it is….” Chris

What can we do in future episodes? Please share your ideas to help us with future content for our podcast shows in the future. Do you know a driving instructor that deserves a prank? Please share your views by leaving a comment below and see what magic we can bring to future episodes.

Until next time….

Take care

Swan & Soto!

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