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Learner Driver Podcast Show

Ep #3 – How To Lose Your Driving Licence

admin December 15, 2020 38

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In today’s episode, we discuss wearing caps and vista print delivery – of course! Your learner driver podcast show is here again!

Still talking about weight, gym and dieting! Really? On a learner driver podcast show lol! In this episode, we do actually give you some valuable tips and tricks with regards to points on driving licences. We interview our lovely student Emma – who passed her test with a clean sheet. However, this was not her first attempt! Two and a half years without driving as she got 6 points on her licence and lost it! Listen to her interview and her journey to regaining her driving licence.

The New Driver’s Act

We discuss the new driver’s act – and how it can impact your driving licence if you gain 6 points or more within two years of passing your driving test. Emma explains how it impacts her life where jobs are concerned, now she can go for better job roles. For more information on the New Driver’s Act visit the link.

Here we have the codes and offences and points that you can get when you gain points on your driving licence:

  1. Failing to comply with traffic lights – 3 points
  2. Failing to comply with double white lines – 3 points
  3. Stop sign (TS30) – 3 points
  4. Failing to comply with traffic signs – 3 points
  5. Failing to comply with traffic control (including lollipop ladies/gents) – 3 points
  6. Aggravated taking of a vehicle – 3-11 points
  7. Incharge of a vehicle when influenced by drugs – up to 10- points
  8. Using a vehicle uninsured for third party risks – up to 8 points
  9. Play street offences – 2 points (not allowed to use a car in a play area)
  10. Failing to give information for the identification of a driver – 6 points


Please make sure you are up-to-date with the laws of the road once you pass your driving test. Gaining points doesn’t just come from speeding on the road. It also comes from all of the above. There are 100’s of points awarded for multiple things, tyres and lights on your vehicle are also on that list.


Tips to Help You NOT Get Points

  1. Make sure your tyres are not bald – a minimum of 1.6
  2. Make sure all of your lights work
  3. Make sure you have the correct car insurance for the vehicle you are driving. Learner or full licence holder
  4. Make sure you have a VALID MOT and that your car is roadworthy
  5. Make sure you have road tax
  6. Make sure you inform the DVSA of any changes to your address, name and work title
  7. Make sure you inform you car insurance of change of vehicle or any modifications to your vehicle
  8. Make sure you don’t speed. Make sure you plan your journey if it’ll help buy a sat nav for yourself
  9. Make sure you obey all traffic lights, signs and road markings as per the highway-code
  10. Make sure you respond to any letters that come to you from law enforcing agencies.
  11. Do NOT use your phone when driving. Turn your phone off to prevent any distractions


Also in this week’s episode, we discuss how to get a clean driving sheet on your driving test and how rare they are! Especially for driving instructors. We discuss what it takes to actually pass with zero faults – but, it does happen!


How Learner Fails at a STOP Junction

You do NOT have to put your handbrake on when you come to a STOP junction! But, it can be advised to do it on your driving test so that you absolutely know that you have STOPPED. You must also be at the solid white line, not shy of it – but at it. Nt over it at all! SO, make sure you stop and observe the new road.

Not stopping at a STOP junction is one of the highest performings fails due to ‘responding to road signs’ on a driving test in the UK (Swan’s own experience) so, please take note!

Speeding on a driving lesson

If you get caught on speeding when on a driving lesson, currently the learner is responsible for the points. Your driving instructor will have to inform the DVSA of your details as you were the one who was driving. Also, if you are caught on camera so your face may be in the picture. If you are worried, please speak with your driving instructor.

For some more information about speeding on your driving lessons please visit here.

Special Reasons Argument

Soto share stories of his students on getting points on their driving licence. Also, one student got caught twice on the same weekend at the same speed camera. She had special reasons argument but had to go to court as she was a witness. She had an extreme case and was let off – but it doesn’t always happen.

Learner Questions

In each episode, we ask learner drivers to ask us some questions to help you with passing your driving test. Here are some of the questions.

What happens if I sneeze on a driving test?

Well, this depends on whether you lose control of the car. If not, then there is no issue, but if you do! Unfortunately, you could fail your driving test.

What car will I be using on my driving test?

Please visit last week’s podcast show lol!

Hopefully, you have found this blog post useful – please leave your comments below to see how we can help you on your road to freedom!

Until next time, take care!

Swan & Soto!



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