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Learner Driver Podcast Show

Ep # 4 – Do HPI Checks On Your First Car Really Work?

admin December 15, 2020 29

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Welcome to another edition of the Swan & Soto ShowThe Learner Driver Podcast Show! In this episode, we will be discussing all silly things as per normal! Bang – the flu! And Swannie ends up in hospital (thanks Soto!)and has her first ride in an ambulance!

Soto put me in hospital by giving me the flu during a recording of the Swan & Soto show! Today we are going to be discussing buying your first car! Make sure you check the brakes work! OK Soto lol, not the ONLY requirement. Buy cheap, don’t get finance on a brand new car, build up your experience before buying a brand new car!

Buying Your First Car

So this show is all about buying your first car. Should you buy new or old? What is your budget? A learner driver bought a second-hand car with a £1000 budget. He bought his first car and did an HPI check on his car. Please listen to his story as we interview him for the show.

Jamie (interview) explains how he bought a car and lost it. His £800 budget got him an Astra. Eager to buy the car, Jamie didn’t ask too many questions when it comes to his purchase. Did an HPI check on the car and three weeks later the police come knocking on his door. The car has been stolen. Even though he had got an HPI check.

As the HPI check came back clean, there was no way he could get his money back. Eventually, he did get his money back from the HPI company, but they did offer half of the money he paid for the car. But he still lost £400 on his purchase. SO do HPI checks work? On this occasion it didn’t, but is it still worth doing? Leave your answers below – we would love to hear your views on the purchase.

Luckily the car wasn’t on finance as he wouldn’t have been able to get out of the deal. So, there are lots of pitfalls of getting a car on finance.

Tips Buying a car from a Private Seller:

  • Check the photographic ID of the person you are buying the car from as named on the car/s logbook or V5 form.
  • Check HPI before handing over any money
  • Take the car on the same day as payment (pay in full where possible) deposits may not be worthwhile
  • Check the mileage tallies up (over a period of time and not in a short period of time)

HPI Checks For Guarantees

  • Do HPI check before purchase
  • Correct registration VRN number mark
  • VRN matches the VIN number (chassis number) 5 and ‘s’s and the 2’s and the ‘z’ match!
  • ID from the driver

Information at

Do NOT be shy to ask the seller lots of questions. The more you find out about why they are selling the car and the history of the car. Here are some useful tips!

  1. Why are you selling?
  2. How long have you had the car?
  3. What advisories were on the previous MOT
  4. Where did they purchase the car?
  5. What work has the car had (new clutch, head gasket)
  6. Any accidents, however small!
  7. Identification from the seller
  8. Paperwork for any work and guarantees on parts etc
  9. Always meet at the address of where the car is registered
  10. Never meet in a car park
  11. Make sure it has a spare tyre in the boot! Yes, I know!

Safest Roads in The World

UK motorways are the safest roads in the world, and overall 2nd to Sweden as being the safest in the world. 4% of all accidents happen on UK motorways! Do you think we have the safest roads in the world?

Can we improve our roads? What could we do to improve them? Does it start with the driving test? Or could there be more to do post-test? Please share your views when it comes to life on the road in the UK! We love to hear your stories!

Learners On The Motorway

In 2018, June 4th learners were finally allowed to go with an instructor on the motorway! But, how many learners actually get the opportunity to go on the motorway. I have NEVER seen a learner on the motorway and this really frustrates me. NOT once have I, not Soto! Please read this article from the .gov website! 

So, we would like to know whether you have ever been on the motorway? Did your instructor offer? Or did they refuse? Whether you have or haven’t we would love to hear your views! Please leave a comment below to see who has, hasn’t, or doesn’t even want to! Here are some tips to ensure you keep legal when on the motorway!

  1. You are only allowed on the motorway with a qualified driving instructor
  2. PDI’s are not allowed to take you on the motorway
  3. You aren’t allowed on the motorway with your mum and dad.
  4. You will not go on a motorway as part of your driving test.
  5. L plates need to be worn
  6. Dual controls must be in use on the car you use to drive on the motorway
  7. Once you pass your driving test you automatically are allowed on the motorway without any training


We hope that you have enjoyed this week’s podcast show – please leave us some feedback so that we can be sure to improve our podcast show and to help us continue to bring you new and interesting content. Until next time, keep safe on those roads.


Swan & Soto



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