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Learner Driver Podcast Show

Ep # 6 – Valentines Special!

admin December 16, 2020 119

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Hi, thank you for joining us during this episode of the Swan & Soto Show. Of course, we are being silly – there is absolutely nothing new there! Singing, cringing and of course just generally being silly!

Soto has been told off for swearing basically! Blooming flowers instead of ******! So, keep an eye out for Soto’s language to see if he uses it during the show (and in case we actually forget to delete it).

Of course (this was posted way after valentines) but this is our Valentines Special! What love do we get from our learner drivers. Driving test centre love and of course what kind of gifts we get when our learner drivers pass their driving test.

Interview About Toilets

My pupil, unfortunately, peed all over the toilet seat at the driving test centre. The Banbury driving test centre has only one toilet so the boys and girls have to share! How nice that a man had to clean a man’s !!!

But – it wasn’t actually because my pupil had sprayed all over the seat – it was actually a spray from the sink and tap!

The New Driver V Experienced Driver Quiz

Lorraine and Neal join us on our Valentines special quiz!

1 What is the wiki definition of a dual carriageway?

2 What is the stopping distance in metres at 50 mph?

3 How many driving hours does the DVSA state that learner drivers need to be able to pass their driving test?

4 Under the New Driver’s Act how many points are you allowed on your driving licence before you lose your driving licence?

5 Who causes more accidents, men or women?

6 Who are better drivers?

7 What are you doing for valentines day?

Theory Game Competition

During the show, we also share stories of our learner drivers. One pupil called Colin made an agreement with Swan to see if he would get 50/5o on his theory test. If he won – Swan would give him a driving lesson. If not, I would win a box of Thornton’s chocolates. But of course, Swan won – as Colin only scored 49/50 on his theory driving test.

When pupils say sorry – a swear box and a sorry box! Collecting payment is very important of course, any payments go to charity!

Funny Presents On Driving Test Day

Us driving instructors love to receive presents from our learner drivers when they pass their driving test. Here are some of the funny presents that we instructors love to receive from you learner drivers!

Bananas were given to Soto as a present!

Curry in a biscuit tin!

Samosa and a kebab

A slab of homemade brownies

Married my pupils mum


Indian rice pudding in a Tupperware box

5 litres bucket of icecream

Photograph of themselves so that they wouldn’t forget them

400 boxes of tactics

Used gift card

Sulay’s Response to being Pranked on the Swan & Soto Show

Absolutely classic! Do listen, no text will ever make this come alive….


Until next week….


Lots of love from Swan & Soto!

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