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Intensive Driving Courses Oxford

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Intensive driving courses in Oxford are a great way to get your driving licence really quick. There is no need to have to wait months and months to get on the road with a one-week driving course. By doing a crash driving course you will be learning to drive over a short period of time. Typically this is over one-week – but, this does depend on which course you choose.

What are intensive driving courses?

Intensive driving courses tend to be driving courses which are done over a short period of time. However, this can be open to interpretation. Here are a few examples:

  1. Learn to drive Monday to Friday with the test at the end of the week
  2. Learning to drive over a 2-week time frame
  3. Semi-intensive delivered over 1-3 weeks
  4. Semi-intensive delivered over 3-6 weeks
  5. Semi-intensive 2×3 hour training sessions a week for however many weeks.

Which intensive driving course is best for me?

Choosing the correct course is paramount when it comes to your driving licence. Not all learners are novice drivers so it is really important to be able to pick a course for your current driving ability. Please you this as a guide only.

Beginner Course

Beginner courses typically are between 40 – 50 hours in length. The average novice driver will need approximately 45-50 hours of lessons to be good enough to pass a practical test in the UK. Any less than this, you may find that you won’t have had enough training and road experience to be able to be a confident driver on the road and of course to pass your driving test. \

Most companies will deliver courses on training days of 4-6 hours in duration. Again, most companies are different but – this is the typical layout for most beginner courses.

Intermediate Course

Intermediate courses typically are between 20-30 hours and the pupil will have some prior knowledge and experience of driving. It is really important to be able to choose the correct course when it comes to your current ability and skillset.

Again, most courses will be delivered on consecutive days and will be based on 4-6 hours per training session. When booking an intensive course, please do your research to ascertain exactly what will happen throughout the delivery of your course. It is really important to know from the off-set what you are getting upon booking your intensive driving course.

Advanced Course

Advanced intensive driving courses are for experienced learner drivers and typically are for pupils who have more than 30+ hours of driving experience. Courses can range from 5-20 hours in length, based on the pupil’s current ability.

Advanced courses tend to be shorter in length and may suit someone who has had a test previously or someone who is an international student and who needs help with life on the road in the UK.

Taking a One-Week Driving Course in Oxford

By taking a one-week driving course in Oxford you will face many challenges and situations that will prepare you for life on the road. Oxford is famous for its cyclists because of the university – and of its research hospital the John Radcliffe. Your course will be delivered around Oxford where you can expect to find these typical challenges:

  1. Buses and bus lanes
  2. Cyclists and cycle lanes
  3. Traffic lights and crossroads
  4. Complex multi-lane roundabouts
  5. Dual carriageways
  6. Narrow country lanes

Learning to drive in Oxford may be challenging for students who don’t come from Oxford and who don’t know the area too well. However, if you are a local – you will already have some familiarity with the roads in Oxford. As part of your intensive driving course in Oxford, you should follow the DVSA’s syllabus with your driving instructor and should follow a training plan suitable for your current level of training.

DVSA Training Syllabus

There are many topic’s on the DVSA’s syllabus and these include:

  1. Moving off and stopping
  2. junctions and side roads
  3. Use of mirrors, signals, gears and steering control
  4. Use of speed, hazard perception and planning
  5. complex junctions including roundabouts and one-way systems
  6. Country lanes and dual carriageways
  7. Overtaking, meeting and crossing the path of oncoming traffic
  8. All forms of parking and reversing

Training Locations in Oxford

Your driving course will be based in Oxford. Most training sessions will be arranged for home pick-up and will be based around the current topic of tuition. Towards the test phase, your driving instructor will incorporate some driving test centre route planning and training. The areas you will focus on will include:

  1. Headington
  2. Cowley
  3. Marsh Barton
  4. Blackbird Leys
  5. Garsington
  6. Wheatley
  7. Iffley
  8. A40
  9. Littlemore

Again, most instructors will know the local area. Make sure you chat with your driving instructor prior to training to make sure they are familiar with the local driving test routes of Oxford.

When it comes to your driving test – be sure to have a mock driving test so that you can experience what it will be like on the big day. Talk with your instructor and ask them lots of questions. Also, make sure that your mock test enables you to have some correction training prior to your driving test – just in case you find something on your driving test.

What are the benefits of doing an intensive driving course?

There are many benefits to doing an intensive driving course. Most students who embark on this form of tuition have a pressing need to get their driving licence.

This may be due to a job promotion, living in a rural area or to be able to get to college or university. There are many reasons why an intensive driving course is beneficial – for a more in-depth look at the benefits please read our blog post here!

Choosing The Right Intensive Driving Course Provider

There are a lot of intensive driving course companies to choose from. Although they may offer slightly different packages – it is important to make sure that you pick a company that will deliver on their promise. Many driving instructors work with multiple schools so it is important that you understand what you are going to be getting.

Some driving instructors do intensive driving courses on a full-time basis. These types of driving instructors tend to work further away. So training sessions MUST be longer to accommodate the travelling time for the driving instructor. Some instructors do normal weekly driving lessons but may choose to do one course a month to supplement their income throughout the year. Again, these types of instructors tend to only work locally.

It is a lot easier for a full-time driving instructor to complete a one-week crash driving course than it is a regular instructor who has a booked diary with weekly driving lessons. When booking your intensive driving course it is important that you know who you will be working with and how they are going to deliver the type of course.

What other services are on offer?

When deciding on which company is the best to deliver your intensive driving course, it is important to know what services they offer and if there are additional extras. Here are some examples:

  1. Do they book and manage theory and practical tests on your behalf?
  2. Do they offer theory training and online courses?
  3. Do they offer re-tests
  4. Do they offer quick driving test appointments?
  5. Does your course come with full or partial management of your course?


Other things to consider when it comes to the ‘extras’ are:

  1. Are they on social media?
  2. Are they on youtube?
  3. Are they on Tik Tok?
  4. Are they on Instagram?
  5. Do they have in-house online courses to help you?
  6. Do they have driving manuals and workbooks as part of your course?
  7. Do they have an online support community?
  8. Do they have an email newsletter?
  9. Do they help you with private practice in between training?

All of these things can help you to decide which company is best for you.

Is a one-week crash driving course in Oxford right for you?

If you are thinking about taking a crash driving course in Oxford, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of doing so. You will need to think of your purpose and why you need to learn in a short period of time! Are you able to commit to the time needed to undertake an intensive driving course or would a semi-intensive driving course be more suitable for you.

Whether you live in the city of Oxford or one of the neighbouring towns and villages – deciding whether to do an intensive driving course is a big commitment, do plan carefully and pick the company that is right for you.

If you live in one of these areas: Cumnor, Eaton, Godstow, Kennington, Woodeaton, Elsfield, Yarnton, Cassington, Horspath, Wheatley, Garsington, Chippinghurst, Toot Baldon, Horton-Cum-Studley, Noke, Abingdon, Islip, Long Crendon, Thame, Woodstock, Kidlington, Benson, Wallingford, Ewelme, Shillingford, Berinsfield, Radley, Brill, Long Crendon, Cjalgrove, Kingston, Ducklington, Steventon, Didcot, Grove, Faringdon, Charlbury, Lechlade-on-Thames, Carteron, Brize Norton, Waddesdon, Quainton, Pitstone, Princes Risborough, Bicester, Steeple Claydon, Deddington.

Please check that they cover your area! Remote places are sometimes difficult to cover, otherwise, you may need to travel into the city of Oxford for your driving course.

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