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Learner Driver Podcast Show

EP # 7 Should older driver’s take a new driving test?

admin January 2, 2021 64

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We are two ‘peas’ in a podcast! On arrival to record this show – I Rebecca Swan, got told off by one of Soto’s neighbours because I parked on one some daffodil bulbs:/

General chit chat as per our normal introductions to our shows discussing the weather, and cancellation of driving lessons due to snow. If you need to check to see if your driving test is going ahead, then do check Twitter to see if your driving test centre is closed. use this website to see if your driving test centre is closed. Or, check your test booking email to locate the phone number of your local driving test centre.

So, during previous episodes it was highlighted by a loyal viewer that Soto’s use of the B****y word should be kept in check – so we decided to swap this word for blooming flowers! Will Soto slip up or we will we need to use a pre-recorded clip! Let’s find out.

Older Drivers –

Prince Philip ( this was two years ago) entered a new road and pulled out in front of a car and he reported that he couldn’t see due to the sunshine. This was reported all over the news and it did raise quite a debate about whether they should still be allowed to drive past a certain age.

The current law requires all drivers to reapply for their driving licence once they turn 70 years old. And then once every three years. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below this video!

Soto believes that perhaps every driver should have a retest every 3-4 years just to remind them of the procedures of driving.

Learner Driver Insurance Cover

During the show, we discuss a story about an older lady being involved in a near-miss car accident. Doris wanted to see if she was able to have a driving lesson at the age of 92. Upon calling my insurance – I discovered that there wasn’t any upper limit on car insurance cover for older pupils but, at the age of 65 there wasn’t any personal accident cover on my particular insurance policy in the eventuality that they were involved in an accident.

Are you an older learner driver? Does your driving instructor’s insurance policy cover you for personal injury cover? This may be a question you need to ask!

Do you believe older drivers should be on the road?

Do you believe that older drivers should have any extra training?

Do you believe older drivers should have personal accident cover when they are having driving lessons?

Learners On The Motorway?

Have you seen learners on the motorway? We haven’t! Both of us have been teaching for years and years, and have both taken our learners on the motorway but we have NEVER seen another learner on the motorway!

So – we are going to start our own club! Of course, SOTO and I are the founding members – but please, listen to our show for the details. (a silly bit of fun) Based on the Eddie Stobart Lorry club – please listen for more information! (Silly as ever)


Until next time take care


Swan & Soto

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