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The Benefits of Intensive Driving Courses

admin December 16, 2020 29

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I thought I would hop on and write a blog post to discuss the benefits of intensive driving courses. Personally, I can’t speak for Soto – although I do know his views ( he is lessons all the way), but I just wanted to share my thoughts on intensive driving courses as opposed to weekly driving lessons and the benefits to such.

Why Intensives Are Great For Driving Instructors

I have been teaching for 18 years and during that time have done intensive driving courses for the past 8 years. Personally, I prefer them! And the reason for this is pretty simple! From an instructor point of view here are my reasons as to why I think intensive driving courses are great!

  1. You get to work with one pupil every single week and not 20+
  2. You get to visit many different places (different every week)
  3. You don’t get lots of cancellations every week
  4. Minimal admin as there are fewer students
  5. Fewer text messages to get back to once I get home
  6. As payment is up-front, no loss of earnings.
  7. Not as mentally drained as only got one student as weekly driving lessons
  8. YOu work from multiple test centres as opposed to one
  9. The pupil is more focused as they usually have the week of work and are not at college
  10. Intensives are growing in demand year on year

Why Intensives Are Great For Learner Drivers

From a learner driver’s perspective here are my top reasons as to why intensive driving courses benefit learner drivers.

  1. Get to learn to drive in a short period of time
  2. Greater focus on the course with minimal distractions
  3. A great solution for time-pressed pupils
  4. Perfect for school holidays and summer breaks
  5. Get to travel further-a-field due to longer training sessions
  6. Experience of time spent driving
  7. Driving experience away from home town
  8. A wider selection of driving test centres
  9. The perfect solution for students who live in rural communities
  10. The perfect solution for students who don’t have access to good reliable public transport

I haven’t delved too deeply into the ups and downs of both – and trust me, when they go well – they are fantastic, but of course, like everything else, sometimes they don’t always go to plan! Anyways this is my first blog post, hopefully, you’ll enjoy it, now to kick Soto’s butt and get him to write one!


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