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Learner Driver Podcast Show

Ep 9 – What Are The Top 10 Reasons A Learner Fails A Driving Test?

admin January 7, 2021 122

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Hi and welcome to another learner driver podcast show by Swan & Soto!

So in today’s episode, we reveal to Dave that he was set up and he revealed when he realised it was a prank!

I explain (Swan) how I revealed to Dave that he was set up. As I arrived for a test at Banbury driving test centre and was confronted by Dave – I had to call Soto (as he wasn’t there) and he said: “Just tell him!”

I did! Dave confessed he clicked he explained his journey of discovery! A must listen.

Top 10 Reasons To Fail A Driving Test

Are the use of signals top 10 reasons to fail? Not in the tp 10. Here is the list of the top 10 reasons why a learner driver fails their driving test in the UK. In reverse order (of course) and the main examples of each reason. Please leave a comment below this video – we like to have some feedback!

10 – Not responding to road markings (common fails)

  • Landing in a box junction when you are not permitted
  • Double yellow lines
  • Solid white lines
  • Single yellow lines
  • Zigzags – overtaking cyclists (school zones and crossings)

9 – Control when moving away (common fails)

  • Stall at a roundabout whilst going over the give-way markings (where you end up)
  • Rolling backwards (hill start)

8 – Turning right (common reasons)

  • Major to minor turns (cutting corners)
  • Turning right at roundabouts (lane discipline, lane control, judgement)

7 – General road position (common reasons)

  • Roundabouts – lane discipline
  • Left and right at t-junctions
  • Go over the centre white line when turning right
  • Major to minor right – cutting corners
  • Judgement when there are no road markings (swan necking)

6 – Steering (common reasons)

  • Climbing the curb, oversteering (back wheels taking a shorter course than the front wheels)
  • Allowing the steering wheel to spin back
  • Is crossing the arms a fail? (depends if you lose control of the car)
  • Under steering – wide in the new road (cause and effect)

5 – Response to traffic lights  (common reasons)

  • Stopping over the white line (when lights change to red)
  • Going when you had time to stop (when lights change to red)
  • Not going on a green light
  • Slowing unnecessary (inviting the traffic lights to change)

4 – Reverse parking (parallel parking)

  • Being too wide
  • Pulling away after the reverse manoeuvre
  • Go back too far – leaving too much space! (no more than 2 car lengths)
  • Left the car too close to the parked car and need to reverse
  • Clipping the curb

3 – The use of mirrors (common reasons)

  • Not looking prior to slowing down
  • Not responding to what you see when speeding up (overtaking vehicles from behind)
  • Not checking mirrors prior to signals (repeat minors add up and become serious/fail)
  • Not checking wing mirrors when pulling around blockages and parked vehicles

2 – Observation moving away (common reasons)

  • Not checking blind spots
  • Not checking both blind spots after the emergency stop exercise

1 – Observation at junctions (most common reasons)

  • Looking well before proceeding out of a junction/roundabout /crossroads
  • Not judging correctly when coming out of a junction/roundabout/crossroads
  • Making someone slow down as a result of emerging too early
  • Being too hesitant
  • Not accelerating enough when you come out a little bit too early (a minor becomes serious)

We hope that you enjoy this show – very useful if you are about to take a driving test in the UK. Very good if you are learning to drive with mum and dad!

Did you enjoy this podcast? Did you enjoy this post? Do you have any questions please leave a comment below this post so that we can help with further shows.

Until next time


Take care


Swan & Soto


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